Dan Rhiger has been helping musicians realize their musical visions for over 30 years. 

Dan has been capturing sound since he was teenager, when he purchased his first multitrack analog recorder in 1968. As a professional engineer, he has recorded and produced groups from many genres, including garage rock, spoken word, and opera, but his focus continues to be on singer/songwriters and acoustic ensembles. Translating the grace and power of the human voice and the nuances of acoustic instruments to the recorded medium is his passion. 

Recording is a process of discovery. It’s a chance to get inside your music and find out how best to present it to the world in recorded form. Maybe that’s a live-in-the-studio feel. Maybe it involves a lot of overdubs. Maybe it’s a pure, dry sound. Or it might call for lots of effects. You don’t always know until you get in there and find the sound.
— Dan Rhiger